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Dental Crowns – Tyler, TX

Save Your Broken
& Decayed Teeth

When a patient comes to see us with severely decayed or broken teeth, we don’t give them a lecture—we instead offer them a solution in the form of dental crowns. With these custom-made restorations, Dr. Perez can save even the most compromised teeth and help a patient recover their oral health and appearance at the same time. Could a crown or two be exactly what your smile needs? To learn more about dental crowns in Tyler, TX, give us a call today.

Smiling older man and woman after dental crown restoration

Why Choose Times Square Family Dental
for Dental Crowns?

What is a Dental Crown?

Older man in need of dental crown covering his smile

A dental crown is often called a “cap” because the restoration is actually fitted directly over a damaged tooth. They are shaped to look and function just like real teeth, and they serve many purposes once they are placed. For one, they protect a tooth from further trauma. They also restore the tooth’s appearance and function within the mouth. Basically, they help patients turn back the clock so their teeth look and feel like nothing was ever wrong with them in the first place.

Who Could Benefit From a Dental Crown?

Animated dental crown placement

Dr. Perez can use dental crowns to help patients dealing with common problems such as:

Dental crowns can also serve a cosmetic purpose, allowing our team to make undersized or misshapen teeth match the rest of the smile to create a more seamless and attractive look.

Different Types of Dental Crowns

Woman in need of dental crown hiding smile

Typically, crowns are either made of metal or dental porcelain. The material used for each patient is determined by Dr. Perez based on which tooth needs to be repaired. For example, a back tooth that is exposed to chewing forces every day needs to be strong, so he’ll recommend a durable metal crown. However, if a patient needs a front tooth repaired that shows when they smile, he can provide an all-porcelain crown that is colored to match the rest of the teeth.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Crowns

Those who are struggling with a decayed or damaged tooth can benefit immensely by treating it with a dental crown. While these durable and protective caps can provide improved strength and aesthetics to your smile, you’ll want to know about the cost of your treatment before jumping into the procedure. The last thing you want is a surprise in your bill when repairing one of your pearly whites. Our team will discuss the process as well as the overall price during your initial consultation. Before then, here are several things you should keep in mind about your restorative solution.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Crowns

The cost of your dental crowns can often be influenced by these common factors:

  • The materials used: The kind of dental crown material we’ll use will depend on each patient’s unique circumstances. At times we might use metal ones to improve the structure of a molar while constructing porcelain crowns for front teeth. Both are equally effective, but they can often come with different prices.
  • The complexity of the damage: Other than repairing your tooth’s structure, you might have other underlying issues, such as decay or gum disease, that will need to be addressed beforehand, like a root canal treatment. If so, this can increase the overall price of your dental care.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Crowns?

Since they’re often considered essential or major dental procedures, dental crowns will often receive partial coverage from insurance companies—typically around 50% of the total cost of treatment. Of course, it’s best to be familiar with the details of your policy before committing to the procedure, as you’ll want to know exactly how to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. That’s why want to consult your insurance provider about your benefits and how to make the most of them. You can also discuss your plan with our team and we’ll be happy to help you navigate your policy and file insurance claims on your behalf.

Options for Making Dental Crowns Affordable

If you aren’t currently, you shouldn’t have to worry! Our team understands that not every patient will have coverage and is open to discussing ways to make your dental treatment more manageable for you. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call if you need help working within your budget, and we’ll be glad to go over discounts or develop a payment plan so that you can undergo the dental care you need and deserve.

Dental Crown FAQs

3D render of a dental crown

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

At our practice, we offer both metal and porcelain dental crowns. The metals we use are all non-toxic and incredibly durable, which makes them great for molars that are often under a lot of pressure. However, as you would imagine, there’s no way that they’ll ever pass for a natural tooth.

Porcelain offers a better balance between aesthetics and durability, and we would usually recommend them for teeth that are likely to be visible, or for dental crowns you’re getting for cosmetic reasons.

How Do You Know When a Dental Crown Needs to Be Replaced?

The only way to know for sure that your dental crowns need to be replaced is to talk to us. We’ll be able to use x-rays and our expertise to tell you for sure when it’s time for a switch. However, you should be vigilant for these signs, and tell us if you notice them:

  • Pain or sensitivity
  • Your restoration moving
  • Visible chips or cracks
  • Dark line around the base of a PFM crown, implying that the gums have receded and the metal has become visible.

Are Dental Crowns Safe for MRI?

Some people who get metal dental crowns wonder whether they could interfere with an MRI. In recent years, we dentists have fine-tuned metal dental crowns to exclude those materials that could interfere with imaging software. If you have a newer crown, the risk is lower than in the case of older ones.

In either case, you should let your MRI technician know about any metal dental crowns you have so they can be watchful for distortion on the final image.

Do Dental Crowns Feel Natural?

When designing your dental crown, we meticulously measure your teeth in order to ensure that your dental crown matches as well as possible. We also finish off every dental crown by polishing and reshaping it, ensuring fits the rest of your mouth perfectly. While it’s natural for the dental crown to feel strange at first, within a few days it will feel completely natural in your mouth.

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